Dimitri Occam Sigarev

Mage P.I.


“Life in the sixth world is hard—so why make it harder? Occam’s Investigations: Magical, Occult, and Legal cases accepted.”

Like everyone freelancing off the poverty-fueled scraps that never make it to L.S. or K.E. tables, I live a life best described as ‘ambiguous.’ Sometimes the down-and-outers of the sixth world need a helping hand, and since I need to eat like anyone else, I give em’ that hand. Only trouble with this business is that jobs from the disenfranchised or “unconventionally wealthy” (i.e. successful-criminals) tend to land me in shadows so dark even a dragon would want a night-light.

So chummers, that’s about all there is to my story. If you are in Redmond and need someone found—especially someone who doesn’t want to be found—then look me up. I can can always use the business (favors & new-yen accepted).

And before anyone asks: NO I AM NOT A COP! Sorry to have to scream that through the matrix, but for some reason everyone think I’m a cop. Just because a human wears a suite, has a U.C.A.S.-SIN, and carries a Colt Manhunter, that doesn’t make him F.B.I. or whatever other absurd rumors you hear. I’m just a detective—and no, I’m not dark, brooding, and weak in the head for dames.

Dimitri Occam Sigarev

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